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Reading Together Since 1999

Welcome glad You're here @yoursbc Spiritual Book Club

Welcome to #SpiritualBookClub, also home to BallerWriter.Com (with a last name like Baller, you have to use it, right?)

Glad you're here!


With this pandemic in place, you have lots of time to do stuff at home, like read or listen to music, yay!


We'll post some books we've #preordered for your delight, and some we're reading now


We love great books, great music, great projects that move the soul and make the

world a better place.


You can follow us on Twitter @yoursbc

& We're on Pinterest & Facebook as "Spiritual Book Club"


Editor Susan Baller-Shepard, has a book entitled Doe published by Finishing Line Press

and was going to be be doing readings from it for #NationalPoetryMonth but we'll wait and see now.


Watch our twitter feed @yoursbc for authors we are watching, for books we're reading, for music we love, and #greatprojects that are changing the world for the better (we love those!)


Hope your spiritual path is meaningful, has times of joy and peace.


"Something opens our wings. Something

makes boredom and hurt disappear.

Someone fills the cup in front of us.

We taste only sacredness"--Jelaluddin Rumi










Glad You Are Here: Spiritual Book Club