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So Glad to See You! Reading Together Since 1999

Susan Baller-Shepard

Posted by Susan Baller-Shepard on: 2018-11-11 @ 11:25 am

We at #SpiritualBookClub are big fans of the Erie Benedictines,  an amazing group of women including author Joan Chittister (author of over 50 books). They are spiritual dynamos. Different writers are asked to write for their web site Monasteries of the Heart  in a section entitled "Monks in Our Midst." For years I've been writing for this section, out of my deep respect for what they do and who they …

Posted by Susan Baller-Shepard on: 2018-11-11 @ 11:15 am

Poem "Prayers for the Sick" was selected for inclusion in the Fall Issue of Intima: A Journal of Narrative Medicine http://www.theintima.org/prayers-for-the-sick Along with photo "How A Heart Grows" http://www.theintima.org/how-a-heart-grows   Recorded for the Intima Journal since I was couldn't make the reading at Bowery Poetry Place https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCHn4F7ow2o

Posted by Susan Baller-Shepard on: 2015-11-30 @ 21:00 pm

The pool at our friends’ house looked inviting and blue the day our three-year-old son decided to skip his flotation vest and jump into the deep end. I was at the other end of the pool, putting sunscreen on my other son, when I saw him jump in, and sink. This was years ago, but I still remember what I was wearing because the denim mini skirt had no give, …

Posted by Susan Baller-Shepard on: 2015-11-18 @ 07:50 am

Blessing Your Work Space Holy One, I come to work today, and this is what I offer: Me. Here. In this place. Use this life of mine for a higher cause, a greater good. If this is not a place that is good for me or for the world, then help me to move on from this work. May this be a place of transformation. May I learn the lessons …

Posted by Susan Baller-Shepard on: 2015-11-11 @ 11:40 am

5 Thank You's to Say Now from the Mean Minister* *Mean, Because I Care When I was a child, one of my least favorite phrases was, "You should be grateful." So, I'm not telling you that. What I am suggesting here is that this month is a great time to say these five thank yous. It's a heartfelt endeavor. You'll see. It does a soul good. 1. Thank a Teacher …