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Advent e-retreat with Monasteries of the Heart
Posted by Susan Baller-Shepard on: 2015-11-04 @ 15:00 pm

An e-retreat for seekers during what Madeline L'engle referred to as "the irrational season"

What do a minister, an editor, a soup kitchen director, an old monk, and a renowned spiritual master have in common with you? Like you, they are all seekers on an Advent journey.

And these five women want to break the Word with you as all of us prepare to birth God into our world.

Join Susan Baller-Shepard, Alicia von Stamwitz, Mary Miller, Mary Lou Kownacki and Joan Chittister for an online Advent Retreat, O Radiant Dawn, beginning Saturday, November 28-December 24, 2015.

On the four Saturdays of Advent and on Christmas Eve you will receive an online audio reflection from one of the five women, sharing her insights on the Gospel, along with questions to ponder. On Wednesday and Friday you will receive emails with additional material and exercises that can deepen your Advent experience.

We will also pray the O Antiphons each day beginning December 17.

During Advent we pray, “O come, Radiant Dawn, splendor of eternal light, sun of justice”…and this online retreat can intensify that plea in your life and in our world.


$30 for four weeks                         

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