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Spirituality and Sustainability
Posted by Spiritual Book Club on: 2007-03-07 @ 12:00 pm

World's climate change experts ...

LONDON 19th February, 2007 - A new web-based video channel at www.bigpicture.tv gives viewers the big picture on the environment with hundreds of free, thought-provoking videos of global experts in sustainability - with startling warnings, well-informed commentary and practical ideas and solutions.

Big Picture TV

launches on Monday, 19th February 2007, with an exclusive video message from singer Annie Lennox. Other contributors include Nobel Laureates Nelson Mandela and Wangari Maathai, Dame Jane Goodall, HRH Prince Charles, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Amory Lovins.

Big Picture TV gives viewers instant access (without first having to register or install software) to leading authorities on climate change, energy security, future economic and cultural trends and much more. Big Picture TV provides expert insight and inspiration, personally and professionally, for opinion-makers, consumers, parents, teachers and students. In addition to this free service, users can also access audio and video downloads for 1.50 a month. These can be played on any computer as well as on 3G mobile phones, MP3 players, ipods and some PDAs, providing high-value content for conferences, debates, classes, lectures, radio broadcast, workshops and coaching. Transcripts are also available for download.

Big Picture TV offers a growing archive of over 350 video clips - equivalent to 40 hours of free content. Many clips are around 5 minutes in length, enabling visitors to hear directly from world leaders without risking information overload. Designed and built by Cimex, an award-winning digital media company, the channel is ideal for anyone seeking answers to many of the world's most pressing concerns (covering carbon trading, carbon rationing, organic food, renewable energy, fair trade, eco-tourism and socially responsible investment among others.

London-based founder Marcus Morrell says "in the face of an unprecedented environmental crisis, Big Picture TV will help people see the world today in a broader and more positive context. Problems such as climate chaos, rising sea levels and species extinction are all too familiar but they are only half the story. The big picture is about pragmatic solutions, recognising that the crises we face bring with them opportunities to rethink, innovate and progress."

Morrell has spent three years developing one of the most comprehensive and accessible online video channels focused on global sustainability. Big Picture TV's advisory board includes Friends of the Earth Director Tony Juniper, Caroline Lucas MEP and founder of the Rainforest Action Network, Randall Hayes.

See more at www.bigpicture.tv