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Rev. Mike Solberg swims Channel for School in Waku Kungo
Posted by Spiritual Book Club on: 2009-09-24 @ 12:00 pm

Solberg writes, "It is, admittedly, something of an indulgence to attempt a Channel swim. It will take hundreds of hours of training and thousands of dollars. That is time, energy and treasure that could well be directed toward something that is a little (or a lot) less about me. It is important to me to put that time, energy and treasure to good use - thus the connection of my swim to building a school in Waku Kungo.  So, while I don't discount the "indulgence" aspect of this, I see my Channel swim more as a "gift" that I am receiving and giving back to others....
     Because of my 2005 trip I knew I wanted to help the Angolans further some of their goals, and education is their top priority. In conversation with IECA leaders, and following their lead, we decided that the funds I raise would go to build a school in Waku Kungo. Children in Waku Kungo now learn in a "building" of mud blocks and a thatch roof. They have no educational materials: no books, desks, paper, pencils. And the kids who face these conditions are the lucky ones. Many, many children get no schooling at all. By building a new building, of better materials and larger size, the church will be able to accommodate many more children and provide a much more positive environment for learning for these children who eagerly long to learn....
You can help make their dream of a new school building a reality...."